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Nurse speaks on necessity to attend weighing | 19th May, 2015

Ghanahospitals.org, the hub of information on health related issues; this week took a swift look at the necessity of weighing in babies up to 5years.The discussion was aimed at unraveling the importance of weighing babies and infants and the types of drugs administered both orally and injected and what it does to the baby’s health.

Read the full discussion between Jennifer Adu-Gyamfi and Nurse Ruth Ekua Rockson of the Community Hospital.

Jennifer: Good afternoon Nurse

Nurse: Good afternoon?

Jennifer: Ghanahospitals.org has come to your doorstep today to find out more about weighing and its benefits to children.

Jennifer: To begin, tell us, why it is necessary to continue weighing after the nine months.

Nurse: The child decreases weight immediately you stop.
The mothers are given information in relation to their child’s health each time to go for weighing.
The child becomes prone to most ailments like; yellow fever, measles, influenza etc. whenever you stop going for weighing.

Jennifer: Can you also tell us the importance of the injection especially, the first six weeks and two months that follow?

Nurse: It helps prevent the infant from infant killer diseases such as; Measles, Polio, Yellow Fever etc and helps the child gain the required weight.

Jennifer: what constitutes the drugs that are administered from birth to the nineth month?

Nurse: i. Penta
            ii. Retusis
            iii. Diphteria
            iv.Pneumococcal Polysuecharide
            v. Rotaris(oral suspension)
            vi. Stamil

Jennifer: Please to conclude, how are these drugs administered?


                   Age                                                                               Vaccine    
                  At birth                                                                          i. BCG

                 6weeks                                                                        i. Hepetitis B
                                                                                                       iii.DPT/Hept B/Hib 1/5in1

                10weeks                                                                      i. Rotavirus
                                                                                                      DPT/Hept B/Hib 2 (5in1)

                14weeks                                                                      i.Pneumococcal
                                                                                                       ii. Rotairus
                                                                                                       iii. Polio

                 6months                                                                      i.Pneumococcal

                 9months                                                                       i. Vitamin A
                                                                                                        ii. Measles

                 12months                                                                     i.Vitamin A

                  18months                                                                      i.vitamin A
                                                                                                        ii. Measles 2
                                                                                                        iii.Treated net 

 Jennifer: Thank you very much for your education and we hope to come to you for more information on health related issues.

Nurse: You are always welcome.


Jennifer Adu-Gyamfi /Ghanahospitals.org


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