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Dr. Zachariah discuses commonest ailments associated with winter seasons | 22nd June, 2015

Rainy season comes with lot of fun, excitement and along with it there are host of infections that are prevalent during this season. People should be aware of these problems so that they can take necessary precautions during this season. The most common illness is related to respiratory system and water and food borne diseases cannot be overlooked.

Read on to know more about the very commonest ailments associated with rainy season, their symptoms, first aid and preventive measures from a discussion held with Dr. Alhaji Alhassan Zachariah of the Community Hospital, Ashongman.



i.     Malaria
ii.    Diarrhea
iii.   Chest(respiratory tract diseases) like Pneumonia


i.    Bitten by female anopheles mosquito
ii.   Receive infected blood from someone during a blood transfusion
iii.  Transmitted from infected mother to child during pregnancy

i.    Fever
ii.    Headache
iii.    Chills
iv.    Nausea
v.    Vomiting
vi.    Poor appetite(bitter in mouth)
vii.    Muscle ache
viii.    Convulsion(severe cases)
It isn’t obvious all the above symptoms will prevail in all cases.

i.    Prevent mosquitoes from biting you
ii.   Use of mosquitoes nets, spray and repellant.
iii.  Try to avoid stagnant waters in and around your homes(that is; proper drainage)

First Aid Treatment
Take Paracetamol to take care of the fever and rush to the nearest hospital to seek treatment.


i.    Ingest germs or bacteria. Germs through improper cleaning of hands when eating.
ii.   Improper cooking of food
iii.  Flies settling on foods


i.     Abdominal pains
ii.    Passing of loose stools(with phlegm or blood)
iii.   Sunking eyes
iv.    Dry skin
v.     Vomiting

i.    Proper hygiene(washing hands after visiting the loo)
ii.    Proper cooking and handling of food
iii.    Proper drainage systems and personal hygiene

First Aid Treatment
Take Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) and rush to the nearest clinic for treatment.

Jennifer Adu-Gyamfi/Ghanahospitals.org

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