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Mrs. Adomah Paulina throws more light on Oral Cancer | 27th July, 2015

Read on to know more about Oral Cancer,its symptoms,first aid and preventive measures, stages involved and causes from a discussion help with Dr. Adomah Paulina of the dentistry department of the Community Hospital, Ashongman.

Oral Cancer
It is usually a sure growth in the mouththat does not go.

Stages that are involved in Oral Cancer

a.The cancer is less 2cm and has not spread to lymph to the area.

b.The cancer is more than 4cm and has spread to one lymph node on the same side at the neck as the cancer.

c.The cancer has spread to the tissues around the lip and oral cavity.

Causes of Oral cancer
No known causes but can be pre-disposed by the following:

a. smoking

b. Drinking of alcohol

c. Excessive sun burns

d. Human Papilloma Virus


a. Swelling or thickening in the mouth

b. Patches on the tongue and lips

c. Bleeding (sometimes)

Preventive measures for Oral Cancer

a. Surgery

b. Radiotherapy

c. Chemotherapy

Jennifer Adu-Gyamfi/ghanahospitals.org

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