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All you Need To Know About Your Teeth As You Age | 09th August, 2017

As far as body parts go, teeth are pretty low-maintenance. You can keep them happy and healthy with just 4 minutes of brushing—2 minutes, twice a day—and the occasional dentist checkup.
But those simple steps become more challenging as we age. And that is a problem, because cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer are all more common later in life.
Avoid dry mouth.
Saliva is an essential part of the ongoing "re-mineralization" process that keeps your teeth strong and healthy, Jones says. But a lot of common prescription medications cause dry mouth, which can promote tooth decay and other oral health issues. Making matters worse, our salivary glands do not work as well as we get older—making dry mouth even more likely. Drinking extra water can help.
Get the best toothbrush.
Osteoporosis, arthritis, and other muscle- or movement-related health issues can make brushing a challenge for seniors,  caregivers are urged to make sure their loved ones can manage brushing (and flossing) their own teeth—and to find them help if they can not. 
Fit in more fluoride.
"Brushing is far more important than any mouthwash,You can not substitute a rinse for 4 minutes of thorough brushing and expect to keep your teeth strong. But especially later in life when tooth decay becomes a more common and serious issue, a fluoridated rinse and toothpaste can help protect your teeth, 
Watch your diet.
Both calcium and vitamin D are nutrients many older adults may not be getting enough of. Shortages of either could play a role in the development of osteoporosis, which in turn could raise your risk for tooth loss, While you want to be sure you are getting both calcium and D in your diet, you also want to watch your sugar intake, Sugar rots your teeth. Combining too much sugar with poor brushing habits can quickly lead to big-time trouble.
See your dentist (even if you have dentures).
For all the reasons mentioned above, annual dentist visits—ideally one every 6 months—are a great way to nip potentially serious oral health issues in the bud, Even if you wear dentures, a visit to your dentist can ensure they fit properly, which can save you from painful mouth sores or gum disease. Also, your dentist will check for any oral cancers. 
Push for better dental coverage.
Poor oral health is a growing public health problem as baby boomers retire, people live longer, and access to affordable dental care becomes more difficult.
Your Health Is Our Concern!
Mawuena Workartey/ Ghanahospitals.org

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