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A hospital visit - be it an emergency or routine treatment - has the potential to be both a frightening experience, as well as an intimidating one, which can span the emotional spectrum; it can be one that ranges from unfamiliarity with medical terms and procedures to a general fear of the unknown - and yet, the vast array of potential difficulties do not end there. Most patients have had their conditions worsened by the mere fact that they sought to manage their condition in a health facility. 
www.ghanahospitals.org is a creation to make it easier for patients and their visitors to know much about an institution they choose to have healthcare from. We are committed to the provision of a means to connect patients in need of quality patient care with facilities that are devoted to their patients, creating a rating system that is mutually beneficial to patients and hospitals alike.
A patient with a long-term or chronic illness may need to make multiple trips to a hospital but may not want to travel great distances. Dealing with an illness is hard enough without adding the hassle and aggravation of commuting. For example, if someone needs outpatient chemotherapy infusions every few weeks, they want to be able to drive to the hospital, receive the infusion and return to the comfort of their home. 
One of the first things a patient may look for when deciding where to be treated is, How close is this hospital to my house? www.ghanahospitals.org highlights your convenient locations and other facilities (if they are available). For instance parking—it may seem like a minor matter, but it is something relevant and important to a patient. Providing parking information and clear directions gives your patients peace of mind. 

Patients want to make sure that they are in the best, most capable hands and so one most important question every patient asks is “are the physicians at the hospital experts in their fields?”Are they involved in continuing research? Is the medical team caring and compassionate? Will they explain what is wrong and the details of the procedures? Your physicians are the heart and soul of your hospital. 

A patient facing an illness such as cancer will need multiple types of care. From the initial diagnosis to surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, a patient wants to know that all their medical needs will be taken care of in one place. Comprehensive care is key—offering your patients everything they need under one roof.  Patients want to know how you will treat their condition. 
The services pages on www.ghanahospitals.org tell patients what the procedure is, what they can expect during and after, which physicians perform this procedure and at which locations. Short, easy-to-read, provides the necessary information.
Give your patients the information they need to know. Make your information clear and accessible so patients can easily find out where you are, who will treat them and what procedures they can expect. This is what www.ghanahospitals.org is all about.



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